Seeking home teaching assistant to provide support with online learning and executive functioning skills

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We are working parents in search of a teacher’s aide to help us in our home while MCPS is in the mode of online learning. We have two kids, one in sixth grade, one in ninth. Both are academically gifted but have special needs. We are looking for someone for ~30 hours per week. Specific responsibilities include: ● Ensure the children remain on task for effective online learning ● Assist them in prioritizing assignments and keeping track of/joining zoom calls as scheduled ● Act as an academic resource for core subjects (English, math, social studies, science). (While there’s no expectation that the candidate will have a mastery of all academic subjects, we hope they could direct the kids to additional resources (teacher contact, online supplemental material, etc.).) ● Facilitate safe social engagements (outdoors, with masks, small groups etc.) as feasible ● Recognize when snacks or breaks are called for ● Help set limits around screen time

Qualifications • College degree (or current student) and relevant classroom experience • Experience supporting tweens and / or teens manage emotional regulation and anxiety and promote executive functioning skills. • Adept at fostering academic excellence • Strong communication skills • Highly responsible and patient