Support for student while home during virtual learning in the fall

ByAshley Morgan
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  • Posted 3 weeks ago
  • Age of Student: 7 (rising 2nd grade)

I am interested in hiring someone who can both support my rising 2nd grade daughter during virtual learning in the fall and provide enrichment, fostering her current love of learning. Since much is unknown about MCPS’s plans for return to school, this is a work in progress. I am currently thinking that we’d like someone 3(+) hours per day for 3 days per week who can cover multiple subjects. We’re also amenable to enlisting the help of multiple tutors for fewer hours or times per week, focusing on different topics. I am in discussion with a small number of families about possibly creating a small ‘pod’ of students who would be taught together and appreciate potential tutors’ thoughts on this. Thank you!