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Experienced Math, Economics and SAT tutor
Subjects : Math, Algebra 1, Multivariable Calculus, Middle (Math 6, Math 7, Math 8, IM), Other Math, Trigonometry, Elementary, AP AB Calculus, AP BC Calculus, SAT/ACT Test Prep

During my last year in college, I was selected by my Math and Economics professors at Franklin and Marshall College to become a tutor for all three level of Calculus classes, Microeconomics and Macroeconomics classes. I work 7 hours in total each week. I hold drop-in sessions for students, where I not only assist them with their homework and assignments, but also help them study for their exams, make sure they understand concepts and know how to apply these concepts to do better in exams.

I also did private tutoring for one student in the Fall 2017 semester. She wanted to improve her grade in Calculus I, so we met twice a week to work on homework and prepare for exams. Besides the homework assigned by her professor, I also provided more practice problems and mock exams. Her grades improved significantly over the course of the semester.

Tutoring in college has been an enriching experience for me. Learning how to explain concepts I already know to other students helps me gain in-depth knowledge on these concepts. I also get to improve my communication skills, as I learn how to articulate my ideas. The best part of this job is seeing how my tutees feel more confident after each session, knowing they are better prepared for their assignments and exams.

I’m now working as a management consultant for a consulting firm in Bethesda, Maryland.


2 years

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40 per hour




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  • Address: Bethesda Maryland 20814


  • Experience (years teaching/tutoring) :2
  • Certification:Yes
  • Educational History: Education Qualification: undergraduate Undergraduate College: Franklin and Marshall College Undergraduate Major: Economics and Mathematics Graduate College: N/A Second Graduate College: N/A
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  • Hourly Rate: $40


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