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Fun kindergarten teacher
Subjects : Elementary Tutoring, Math, Reading/Writing, Reading/Writing

Hi! I’m a current kindergarten teacher, and I have been teaching for 6 years. I believe reading starts with a strong foundation of letters and sounds, which leads students to read more fluently. I’m trained in Orton-Gillingham which is a phonics program that focus on direct instruction of letters and sounds. This method of teaching has led to positive results for my students and their ability to read. In addition to reading, I love teaching students math concepts using hands-on lessons and activities. When teaching math, I think it is important to provide kids with manipulatives and tactile experiences, so that they can build connections. I enjoy teaching my students everyday, so tutoring would be an extra opportunity to do something I love, while helping other students learn and grow. My school has a high population of students who are learning English as a second language, so I have a lot of experience about how to provide instruction for kids who may still be learning english. Overall, I love what I do at school, so I’d love the opportunity to work with other kids as well!


6 years

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80 per hour




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  • Address: Maryland 21227


  • Experience (years teaching/tutoring) :6
  • Certification:Yes
  • Educational History: Education Qualification: undergraduate Undergraduate College: University of Maryland, College Park Undergraduate Major: Early Childhood Education Graduate College: Shepherd University Graduate Type Of Degree: Masters Equivalency
  • What tutor enjoys knowing prior to session:
    • Student’s academic needs (subject area)
    • Student’s learning style
    • Student’s interests - what do they like to do outside of school?
    • Student’s grade/age
  • Hourly Rate: $80


    • Students Location
    • Location I Select
    • Online (Google Hangout
    • Skype
    • etc.)
  • Tutor prefers the following payment methods:
    • Cash on Site
    • Check on Site
    • Venmo

Grade Level

  • Preschool
  • Primary (Kindergarten- Grade 2)

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