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Experienced, Positive, and Effective Tutor with an M.Ed.
Subjects : Elementary Tutoring, Math, Reading/Writing, Executive Functioning/Organization

Hi, I’m Christina, an elementary school tutor in the Washington, DC area. I enjoy developing and applying strategies to help students overcome academic hurdles. Few things motivate me like seeing the “Aha!” moments students experience as they develop their academic capabilities.

I am a trained teacher with a Master of Education and experience teaching in sixth grade, first grade, and kindergarten classrooms. I also have six years of tutoring experience with students at every elementary school grade level. My professional development has included trainings in math and science, reading, and learning styles and cognition through such programs as the Exploratorium Summer Institute for Teachers, Lindamood Bell, and All Kinds of Minds.

After several years of working with children, I have valuable perspective on learning and child development. This background informs my approach to tutoring; I believe in balanced lessons that stay within children’s attention spans and include a variety of activity types. My goal is always to help children become more confident and independent learners, often by providing coaching on organization and study skills. I also believe that demonstrating empathy and helping to ease frustration support the learning process.

In consultation with parents, I tailor my approach to best meet children’s learning needs; each student receives a lesson that has been created especially for him or her. While homework help is part of what I can provide, I like to dig deeper into what students need to become more independent and successful in the long term. When focusing on math skills, I work with children on a broad spectrum of issues ranging from memorizing math facts, to gaining comfort with algorithms, to developing strategies for approaching word problems. For students who have had longer-term challenges with math, our lessons together will include activities to strengthen number sense and reasoning ability so that future math work may begin to feel more comfortable.

Teaching writing is a passion of mine. My training as an educator was in the writer’s workshop approach, and I borrow from that methodology in my tutoring. Through short and long exercises, I work to build up students’ writing endurance. I focus most of my instructional time on how writing is a way to organize thought. With graphic organizers, re-reading, and reflection, I teach students to present ideas clearly. My goal is to provide students with tools that they can continue to use after our tutoring sessions conclude.

Please get in touch if you would like to know more about my approach to tutoring or my background. Tutoring appointments can be for one-time meetings, short-term arrangements, or ongoing lessons. I offer flexible scheduling on early dismissal days and for students attending schools that permit tutoring during the academic day.


8 years

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  • Experience (years teaching/tutoring) :8
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  • Educational History: Undergraduate College: Skidmore College Undergraduate Major: Management and Business Graduate College: The George Washington University Graduate Type Of Degree: Master of Education
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