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My Goal is for Every Child to Succeed
Subjects : Math, Reading/Writing, Reading/Writing

Hello, I’m Amanda and I have recently found my dream job! I studied business in college and worked a couple jobs in the business industry after, but I found that I wasn’t enjoying the work. I switched to Education four years ago and never looked back! I truly enjoy my job and enjoy spending time creating engaging, thoughtful lessons.

I currently work at a Title 1 school in a 4th grade classroom. I have gained so many valuable experiences in my short time there. Every student is a unique individual with different needs and every student deserves to succeed. Therefore, I plan lessons for students working at the kindergarten level to well beyond the 4th grade level.

I enjoy tutoring because I get one-on-one time to truly help that student find out why he/she is struggling and find solutions to help him/her be successful. It is so important that students feel confident in their learning and find successes as often as possible. Simply knowing the material or lesson is not going to guarantee success; the student needs to find the inner motivation and develop learning dispositions to continue to be successful.


2 years

Hourly Rate

30 per hour




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  • Address: Maryland


  • Experience (years teaching/tutoring) :2
  • Certification:Yes
  • Educational History: Education Qualification: undergraduate Undergraduate College: University of Iowa Undergraduate Major: B.B.A. in Leadership Management Graduate College: University of Alaska Southeasat Graduate Type Of Degree: k-8 Education Certificate
  • What tutor enjoys knowing prior to session:
    • Student’s academic needs (subject area)
    • Student’s learning style
    • Student’s grade/age
  • Hourly Rate: $30


    • Students Location
    • Library
  • Tutor prefers the following payment methods:

Grade Level

  • Primary (Kindergarten- Grade 2)
  • Upper Elementary (Grades 3-5)
  • Middle School (Grades 6-8)

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